It was an invigorating summer, overflowing with opportunities to welcome new businesses and causes to Wheaton. From the Lions’ Club / People’s Resource Center Food Drive, to the B. Jolly Foundation, Wheaton residents and organizations were reaching out to help others within our community. I am always thrilled to be a part of such worthwhile endeavors.

We also honored Renee Pollino, CEO of My Half of the Sky, at the Lions’ Club. My Half of the Sky is a social justice coffee shop that addresses social concerns and systemic injustice through opportunity. Renee is passionate about creating hope & bringing healing to women with obstacles to employment.

This summer also brought new businesses to our Wheaton community. See the photo gallery for openings at Meredith Jaye—offering a curated selection of women’s clothing, accessories, and home decor—and The Protein Spot—crafting smoothies, fusion teas, protein coffee, and healthy alternatives to fast food.

Last, but not least, I enjoyed a fascinating conversation with Dr. Ann Rondeau at the Wheaton Chamber of Commerce Leadership Prayer Breakfast. Dr. Rondeau is a retired United States Navy Vice Admiral and was keynote speaker at this much-anticipated event.