Cantigny Park—Little-known Features

Issue 1: Hidden Gems of Wheaton: Cantigny Park

You’ve likely heard of Cantigny—it is famous for its sprawling, nearly 300-acre golf course, in a beautiful wooded setting. In fact, it is a Golf Digest Top 30 Course in Illinois. Since its opening, in 1989, it has come to be known as one of the finest public-access golf courses in Illinois. This is no surprise to locals.

What makes this golf giant a “Hidden Gem” is its rich history and plethora of resources—beyond award-winning golf. Cantigny Park is all about “firsts.” This 500-acre park was previously the estate of Colonel Robert R. McCormick (well-known editor/publisher of The Chicago Tribune Newspaper). It was named after Cantigny, France, the small village in which Col. McCormick led an artillery battalion in 1918 as a member of the U.S. Army’s First Division in the First World War. This battle was actually the First American victory of WWI.

When Col. McCormick passed away in 1955, he left this expansive estate for the public to enjoy. His will dedicated the property to public education and recreation. Today, his legacy lives on. It hosts 300,000+ visitors each year. During a trip to Cantigny Park, guests may enjoy a variety of activities and educational experiences.

From the very young to the young at heart, there is something for everyone at Cantigny Park. They host special activities and events throughout the year. Visitors enjoy nature walks, First Infantry Division (“Big Red One”) museum, a farm playground, a tank park and more! During the holidays they have hosted holiday-related events, such as a poinsettia sale and a table decorations class.

Make plans to visit the Cantigny Park today, and discover this Hidden Gem of Wheaton!

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Cantigny Cyclocross

Mayor Phil Suess at speaking at Cyclocross, Cantigny Park

Cantigny Park

Cantigny Park

Cantigny building

Cantigny Park