Jon Hansen visits Wheaton where he talks with Mayor Phil Suess. Thursday, April 25, WGN Radio broadcasted a full day of special features about Wheaton.

Watch the video here:

“Welcome to Wheaton!”—Mayor Phil Suess

From the video interview:

Q. “I know you guys have really done a lot to build up this area.”—Jon Hansen

A. “Yes! Two years ago we completed a complete rebuild of the downtown, and it’s worked exceptionally well. The City did it’s part, and now we’re having private businesses come in and renovate their properties and run their businesses out of Downtown Wheaton. We have a number of businesses in town that are over 100 years old. More recently, we’ve had great growth as far as restaurants.

We have in excess of 15 restaurants in the downtown area, and we’re seeing retail space come back into the downtown. So, we have a good mix of activities, services, and restaurants.”—Mayor Phil Suess

Q. “Okay, so what do you love about being the Mayor of Wheaton? I mean, it’s such a great western suburb!”—Jon

A. “I mean, we’re a residential community, but we have a very vibrant downtown. We have very vibrant businesses, both downtown and City wide. We have Wheaton College—a big plus. We’re very proud of our schools.…We’re proud of the fact that Wheaton has more parkland per capita than any other community in DuPage County.”—Mayor Suess

For the rest of this video showcasing Wheaton, see this link.