I’m pleased and excited to announce that I’ll be running for a second term as mayor of Wheaton, unopposed. It has been a pleasure to serve as Wheaton’s Mayor. I am proud of our accomplishments and look forward to continuing to work together to improve our community.

Wheaton has a good story to tell. We are doing the right things for the right reasons. We are taking on projects that historically have been kicked down the road, such as improving sanitary sewers, rebuilding roads, and addressing overland flooding. We have improved Wheaton’s financial position, increased our investments in infrastructure, enhanced our residential services, placed additional emphasis on all aspects of public safety, and expanded our commitment to environmental sustainability. I am proud of the way the community came together to help one another as we worked through the COVID challenges.

Our team became even stronger and more resilient during the pandemic—maintaining our staffing, maintaining our services, maintaining our capital projects. I think that’s the most compelling accomplishment.

Always holding on tight to the notion that we are truly blessed and fortunate to live in such a wonderful community, I look forward to continuing my work to foster the progress, health, and safety of the City of Wheaton.