Wheaton Municipal Band-CBS2-news
31 Jul

Wheaton Municipal Band Makes CBS 2 News Chicago

Dr. Bruce Moss-WMB-Director

“I really love it. This is what I wanted to do.” —Dr. Bruce Moss, Wheaton Municipal Band Director & Conductor

Calling the Wheaton Municipal Band one of Chicago’s “hidden gems,” CBS News Chicago explores the secrets to this group’s ongoing success and popularity. Music Director and Conductor Dr. Bruce Moss shares, “It’s not just the band. It’s the community, the spirit, the joy that people get from this. It’s a wonderful experience, and it’s a great way to share the joy of making music.”

This talented local band has been entertaining crowds since 1930. They have band members who have been in the band 50+ years, as well as musicians in the early part of their musical journey, like their 20-year-old flutist. In total, the band features more than 80 excellent musicians. Some of the band members are college music majors—some are not—but they must be top-notch performers to make the cut for the Wheaton Municipal Band.

Come out and see what the buzz is about on Thursday nights in Memorial Park, Wheaton. See our Events section for listings, or visit the Wheaton Municipal Band website for more details.

See the interview by CBS 2’s Joe Donlon, below.

Also view this video here, CBS News Chicago

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Karlskoga Sweden visitors-Wheaton sister city
24 Jul

50th Anniversary of the Sister City Relationship: Karlskoga, Sweden and Wheaton, Illinois


In 1973, a sister city relationship was established between the City of Wheaton and Karlskoga, Sweden. In early July, 2023, three guests from Sweden visited Wheaton to commemorate this 50-year anniversary. Our Swedish guests included Tony Ring, Chairman of the Municipal Board, Karlskoga municipality; Anna Ragén, Chairman of the Municipal Council; and Mikael Ragén, Anna’s husband.

During their stay, we visited the Warhol Exhibit, Cantigny, the Field of Honor, Wheaton College, College of DuPage, the Morton Arboretum, and, of course, Downtown Wheaton. We had a wonderful time touring all these local gems!

They planned their visit so that they could enjoy a significant holiday in America. In honor of our Independence Day, they attended the Wheaton Park District 4th of July Parade and Fireworks. Tony, Anna, and Mikael had also visited Wheaton in June, 2019, and they enjoyed all Wheaton had to offer.

Wheaton Sister City Visitors-from Karlskoga Sweden-Visiting Wheaton College with President Ryken

Mayor Phil Suess hosts Wheaton Sister City Visitors from Karlskoga, Sweden. Above, they are visiting Wheaton College with President Ryken.

What Is a Sister City and How Did it Get Started?

The sister city relationship was initiated through the work of Wheaton resident and City Council member Arnold DeLuca, PhD. The interest in the sister city relationships was initiated by President Dwight Eisenhower in 1956. Dr. DeLuca established criteria for the sister relationship and researched possible candidates. Requirements for sister city consideration included comparability with Wheaton in terms of:

  • size/population;
  • demographics/education;
  • heritage similar to Wheaton;
  • other considerations—such as having a college

The relationship was finalized in 1973 by the establishment of Wheaton’s Sister City Commission. Over the years, there have been multiple interactions with Karlskoga, including visits by hockey teams, baseball teams, and music groups. The most recent visits were in June, 2019, when representatives of Karlskoga, including a local youth baseball team, visited Wheaton. I personally visited Karlskoga in September, 2019, in recognition of the 100th Anniversary of Democracy in Sweden.

The Rich History of Karlskoga, Sweden

The origins of Karlskoga date back to the 1500s with a focus on iron castings for cannons. With a population of roughly 48,000 people, Karlskoga is located about 2 1/2 hours east of Stockholm and about 50 miles from Gothenburg.

Situated on a lake, Karlskoga has an auto racetrack, an ownership interest in an airport, and the municipality has a university. Karlskoga’s identity is that it is the hometown of Alfred Nobel. The municipality is the home to a casting company known as Bofors. This company began casting iron for cannons, which morphed over the years into one of premier manufacturers of anti-aircraft guns. Their products included the Bofors gun, which Churchill credited for winning the Battle of Britain. Nobel was the owner of Bofors from 1894 to 1896 and maintained an estate in Karlskoga. Upon his death, in 1896, Karlskoga was determined to be Nobel’s hometown for purposes of his will, because Karlskoga was the place where he maintained his horses.

The municipality is also known for the manufacturing of “powders,” a euphemism for explosives; has a manufacturing complex built into the side of a mountain; and manufactures pharmaceuticals.

The governmental structure of Karlskoga is different from Wheaton and is more comparable to that of our county structure. The Karlskoga municipality is responsible for local government, the schools, and recreation. The municipality does not have responsibility for the police, which are organized on a national basis in Sweden.

More About Our Visitors

Tony and Anna were elected to their positions in 2019 on a moderate platform known as the “Moderate Alliance.” This platform placed emphasis on fiscal stability and economic growth. The election of Tony and Anna represented the first change in Karlskoga’s political leadership in over one hundred years.

Tony is a retired race car driver, and he had driven professionally for both Porsche and Ferrari. Since retiring, Tony has been involved in broadcasting and public relations activities.

Anna holds a doctorate from Karlstad University. Her doctorate focused on “delving deeper into the activities and actors that exist in the ecosystem that works to promote innovation and commercial activity linked to higher education and research.” Anna’s current and past responsibilities have included positions with Swedish manufacturing companies, working at Orebro University, focusing on innovations and utilization of research, external relations, and being CEO of Orebro University Holding A.B. In conjunction with her husband, Anna is a partner in several small technology companies.

Mikael is the owner of several small businesses in the Karlskoga area.

Karlskoga, Sweden map - collage


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Warhol Wheaton-2023
30 May

Wheaton Warhol Opens—Mayor Suess Welcomes the “Faces of Wheaton”

Wheaton’s Warhol Pop Art Challenge Public Art Display Unveiling

In celebration Andy Warhol Portfolios: A Life in Pop at the College of DuPage’s McAninch Arts Center, local artist Geoff Bevington recreated images of four prominent local figures in the Warhol style: Jonathan Blanchard, Marget Hamilton, Glennette Tilley Turner, and Jim Belushi. View the video of this event, below.

The 20 ft. wide by 7 ft. tall art installation will overlook the library’s West Plaza throughout the summer of 2023 in celebration of Andy Warhol Portfolios: A Life in Pop, presented by the McAninch Arts Center at College of DuPage.

Learn more about Andy Warhol Portfolios: A Life in Pop at the College of DuPage’s McAninch Arts Center

Browse Wheaton Warhol Events 


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17 May

DuPage County Water Commission’s Important Role in the Health and Safety of Wheaton Residents

“Nothing’s created more value for DuPage County than the DuPage County Water Commission. Wheaton’s the second or third largest customer of the Water Commission. You look back over the last thirty years, and you see the value of clean water in DuPage County. It’s a big deal.” —Wheaton Mayor Phil Suess

Read More about the DuPage County Water Commission

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16 May

LGDF PSA—Mayors Suess, Marchese, and Craig

Watch this important video, by the Mayors of Wheaton (Phil Suess), Darien (Joe Marchese), and Hanover Park (Rod Craig). They say, in part, “On behalf of the one million residents of DuPage County, we urge all legislators to invest in ...
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  • Wheaton-Lowell School-Visit
  • Wheaton-Mayor-Suess-Meets-w-State-Treasurer
  • Wheaton-Noteable-Notes-20th-Anniversary
  • Meeting-w-Congresswoman-Ramirez-DuPage-Water-Commission
  • Yia Mas Restaurant Opening in Downtown Wheaton
09 May

Photos from Events in Wheaton and Beyond

Enjoy these photos from around Wheaton as well as from down in Springfield, Illinois. This spring has been filled with many happy occasions and productive meetings. I traveled to Springfield to meet with Governor Pritzker and the Illinois State Treasurer. I look forward to more wonderful celebrations, new business openings and anniversaries, and engaging Wheaton events throughout 2023. See our Around Town section for more local photos.

We would love to hear from you! Feel free to send us your great Wheaton photo to feature on this page! Just send it (attach it) through our Contact page form.

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