Dr. Bruce Moss-WMB-Director

“I really love it. This is what I wanted to do.” —Dr. Bruce Moss, Wheaton Municipal Band Director & Conductor

Calling the Wheaton Municipal Band one of Chicago’s “hidden gems,” CBS News Chicago explores the secrets to this group’s ongoing success and popularity. Music Director and Conductor Dr. Bruce Moss shares, “It’s not just the band. It’s the community, the spirit, the joy that people get from this. It’s a wonderful experience, and it’s a great way to share the joy of making music.”

This talented local band has been entertaining crowds since 1930. They have band members who have been in the band 50+ years, as well as musicians in the early part of their musical journey, like their 20-year-old flutist. In total, the band features more than 80 excellent musicians. Some of the band members are college music majors—some are not—but they must be top-notch performers to make the cut for the Wheaton Municipal Band.

Come out and see what the buzz is about on Thursday nights in Memorial Park, Wheaton. See our Events section for listings, or visit the Wheaton Municipal Band website for more details.

See the interview by CBS 2’s Joe Donlon, below.

Also view this video here, CBS News Chicago