The last couple of years have been challenging to say the least, but we—here in Wheaton—have so many things to be optimistic about in 2023. In December, 2022, the City Council approved Wheaton’s annual budget for 2023. I am proud to announce no increase in the property tax levy for the fourth year in a row, no new taxes, and no increase in water, sewer or parking rates.

Anticipated expenditures in 2023 are projected to be $121.0M in comparison to $145.6M in 2022. Of this total, approximately $26.9M will be allocated to capital expenditures. This year, we will set in motion even more initiatives to move the City forward for many years to come by continuing to make key investments in our infrastructure, our services, and our people.

Despite not raising taxes or revenues, the 2023 budget will maintain current services and will invest more than 22% of the budget—$26.9 million—in capital improvements. This reinforces our continued dedication to essential infrastructure upon which Wheaton residents and its visitors rely every day.

This year, key investments to our infrastructure include:
  • improving nearly 4 miles of Wheaton roads,
  • adding 7.5 miles of new sidewalks to improve safety in our neighborhoods and make our community more accessible to all,
  • continuing to tackle flooding issues, including work this year with the Cadillac/Wakeman Flood Prone Project,
  • ongoing dedication to work with residents to reduce sanitary backups in homes,
  • reinforcing the storm sewers,
  • and renovating the library’s West Plaza (through which the City is receiving $750,000 in federal grant funding).

Wheaton is also enhancing environmental stability through initiatives to maximize efficiency of all City facilities, reduce vehicle emissions, replace traditional street lights with LED versions, sponsor recycling events, and more. Watch for updates on the progress and completion of such projects in our Wheaton News feature.

Where Do My Taxes Go?

You may be interested in how your taxes get used within the community and beyond Wheaton. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Only 12.4% of a property owner’s tax bill goes to the City of Wheaton. From that revenue, the City provides services including:
    • fire and police protection;
    • emergency medical services;
    • infrastructure repairs and improvements;
    • snow removal;
    • library services;
    • and numerous other general government services.
  • Approximately 68.3% of property taxes are distributed to School District 200;
  • 10.2% to Wheaton Park District;
  • 2.9% to College of DuPage District 502;
  • and 2.2% to DuPage County.
  • Several other township and county entities receive the remaining portion.

In addition to property taxes, the City’s other major revenue sources include income tax, sales tax, charges for services, and utility taxes.

The City continues to be well-positioned to withstand economic downturns because of its strong economy, financial policies, and budget performance. In addition, Wheaton’s reserves exceed target amounts. All of these factors helped the City of Wheaton achieve Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings ‘AAA’ credit rating, the TOP possible rating. Wheaton is one of only 19 communities in Illinois and 426 in the U.S. to receive this remarkable rating.

We are fortunate to live in Wheaton and to have the resources to maintain Wheaton as a desirable residential community. I look forward to our community having a prosperous and enjoyable 2023.