Hello and welcome to our new website. I have chosen the word “our” because I have created this site as a resource for Wheaton residents and visitors. Your interaction and participation is what will bring this outlet to life.

My goal is to highlight the extraordinary people, the boundless places, and the distinctive personality of our terrific City of Wheaton. Explore this website for resources you can use, facts-based local news, local events to enjoy, “Wheaton’s Favorite Haunts with a History,” and more.


If we take a moment to step back from our busy lives and reflect for a moment, it is clear: We are all truly fortunate to live in Wheaton. Others seem to agree, as it was recently ranked among the top three Best Small Cities in Illinois in which to live.* It also placed 59th in the nation out of 1300 small cities!

Given these rankings, it is no surprise that the 2020 Census revealed Wheaton has grown by more than 1,000 people over the past ten years. This means our City of Wheaton has grown to 53,970 citizens—the third-largest city in DuPage County. That is quite a leap forward from its humble beginnings in 1859.

Back then, Erastus Gary, Jesse Wheaton and his brother, Warren, realized how important infrastructure was to a community. Early on, they donated land to the railroad company, which helped lay the foundation of Wheaton’s City Center. That tradition and foresight carry on today.

In 2021, the City will spend more than $24 million on infrastructure and public spaces for its citizens and visitors. Learn about the progress and completion of such projects in our Wheaton News area.

A dedication to structural improvements and amenities, combined with a sense of public safety, and our caring citizens who are ready and willing to help those in need—this is the City of Wheaton. This is home.


Please join me on this journey. I invite you to be engaged—contact us with feedback and ideas to help shape this community resource. Please use the Contact Form to send us your ideas for little-known places in Wheaton, topics to explore, people to showcase and thank, and information fellow residents would find helpful. (Keep an eye on our Wheaton News posts for more ideas.) Don’t be a stranger! We’re all neighbors, in Wheaton.

Best regards,
Mayor Phil Suess

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