You may have noticed that several projects have been under way in Downtown Wheaton. This is a brief update as to the status of these enhancements. Keep an eye out for more great improvements in our treasured City of Wheaton!

Projects and Businesses:

  • Sandberg Property, WheatonSandberg Property: On the northwest corner of Main and Front Streets: Zoning approval was given Monday, May 16, to renovate the former Sandburg property into a co-working space. Watch for more details.
  • Tents on Hale: The Innovator Hale Street Tents are back and open for your enjoyment all summer long!
  • Three Challenging New Projects: This year the Council has approved three projects on challenging sites, including:
    • a new gas station development on the site of Wheaton Bowl;
    • a new urgent care center and daycare facility on the site of PNC Bank at the corner of Naperville Rd and Roosevelt;
    • and the renovations of the Sandburg building, mentioned above.
  • Other Upcoming Businesses, Housing, and Restaurants Include:
    • a new apartment building at the southwest corner of Liberty and Wheaton Ave.;
    • the construction of a new Culver’s on Roosevelt Rd. west of President;
    • the Jeep dealership on Roosevelt Rd has been sold and will become a storage facility
    • and the replacement of the Macaroni Grill on Naperville with a new Chipotle, daycare center, and Xfinity office.
  • Lola Ristorante is coming to Wheaton: This Italian gem is opening soon and ready to please. From a variety of Italian salads (Caprese, Strawberry Spinach Pecan, and more) through tempting pasta and entrée options (Mushroom Risotto, Herb Crusted Lamb Chops, Chicken Parmesan, to name a few), if you crave Italian, get ready to dive in. Watch for it at 230 W Front St, Wheaton.
  • Downtown Pavilion: You may know this, traditionally, as the French Market location just south of the tracks near Main Street. “What are all those cranes and trucks doing?” Many people have been wondering the same thing. The project is an oasis for residents, shoppers, and anyone who enjoys spending time outside with friends and family within beautiful, historic Downtown Wheaton. The new development will include:
    • beautifully-landscaped areas to gather with friends after a successful morning of shopping at the French Market;
    • an impressive space covered with a modern, elegant canopy that will be used for a multitude of activities, including the French Market;
    • a convenient parking area;
    • easy access to and from the updated Prairie Path;
    • bicycle facilities;
    • and more!

See Downtown Pavilion progress photos, below. Click any photo to enlarge it.